Jan 8, 2010

Final moving day....a bit delayed

OK, OK, so maybe its more than just "a bit" delayed. Its nearly been a month, but really I have a good excuse: I haven't had wireless internet to connect my computer to. So here it is the long awaited conclusion of my series: "How To Move: The Army Wife Way."

Step 1: Take anything off the top of cabinets and in the top cabinets b/c the movers will not pack anything they can not reach from the ground.

Step 2: Pack all your clothes in odor blocking trash bags with a dryer sheet tucked in each to keep your clothes smelly freshy during the journey. Plus, I really never relish the idea of a big smelly, mover dude digging through my pantie drawer.
Step 3: Pack your silverware and other kitchen utensils in large ziploc bags because otherwise the movers will wrap each individual piece of silverware which takes FOREVER to unpack.
Step 4: Put everything you do not want the movers to pack in a bathroom with a post note on the door that reads, "Nothing in her goes!" Inevitably, the movers will still ask you if anything in that room needs to go despite the clearly written note.Step 5 - Sleep on an air mattress or rough it like Andrew and I did and just sleep in sleeping bags (the dog was so happy, so happy in fact she put some white substance on my nose...or wait, maybe that was my husband). Use rubbermaid containers to transport anything that may need to travel through the elements in the back of a truck (they also work nicely as a dinner table or wine glass holder table).


  1. Haha, so awesome you all toughed it out with sleeping bags....I admit, I have to have the luxury of an air mattress, lol

    Good luck on your move!

  2. You are such a moving pro! I love all your tips and I am definitely keeping this post for our next PCS move! I never would have thought of half of these.